"Driving down the hill, Pajitnov was lost in thought, musing about the difference between the imagination's view of the forest at night and what was really there...As he drove, he conjured up an image of a video game that could simulate not only the process of discovery, but the emotions accompanying the experience of groping along in the darkness, which call one back to one's childhood."
-Dave Sheff, about Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov's transformative experience in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. From Game Over: Press Start to Continue
What constitutes great art? Great communication? What is special about the pursuit of human expression? These are questions that have dogged us for ages, and I certainly don't intend to provide a definitive answer as I could never wish to be so arrogant. What I think, however, and for whatever that's worth, is that true art offers a way for people to share their emotions, experiences and dreams with others. The music and literature that has touched me the deepest showcases the creators deftly using their medium to evoke feelings and visions that resonate with me in a deep and powerful way.
I have been playing video games since I was incredibly young. They have been a part of my life almost  since the beginning and I strongly believe this medium has the potential to deliver creative expression unlike any other. The concept of control, agency and action immerse one in the world of the game in a way simply not possible in other media. For me, video games are an art, and an art like none other: The best video games touched me personally just as strongly as the best films, and in some cases more so.
Ever since I was old enough to understand it, I have feverishly followed the game industry, desperately hoping that as technology increases at an exponential rate, the experience video games can deliver will become more and more evocative and immersive. In some cases, I have been truly floored by what this medium can provide artists and designers with technology and imagination. In many other cases I have not. Nevertheless, I continue to watch and listen to what this industry and this medium does, because it's a passion and obsession of mine. Much as the Film Bug captures the imagination of critics and moviegoers, so to has the Game Bug captured mine. And I'm not the only one.
That's what this site is for then. It's not a review site or a news site, though I will post news stories and my opinions of recent games if I consider it relevant. What this site really is though is a celebration of video games as an industry and, more importantly, video games as a medium. I keep one eye on the industry, and one eye within to constantly remind myself what makes this medium so wonderful and fascinating and why I took that first trip so long ago, and how much it meant to me that I did.
If you'd like to take the trip too and lend me just a little of your time, I humbly invite you to peruse this collection of musings and reflections.

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